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Mar 31, 2017

What is the best way to taper for a 5k?

How would these recommendations change if the 5k was a goal race or just a tune-up?

Coach Claire walks you through how to adjust your weekly mileage, workouts and long runs to be optimally prepared on race day no matter what your goal is.

Mar 30, 2017

Most runners worry about how to train for a hilly race when they only have flat terrain available.

But, what if you have the opposite problem? You're racing a flat course and you're only able to do runs that have lots of hills?

How do you adjust your training to the demands of the course?

Coach Claire gives you some excellent tips on how to adjust your hilly training routes when racing a flat course.

Mar 29, 2017

Are there any running drills you can easily add to your routine to help your running?

Specifically, is there anything you can do while walking or during your warm-up that doesn't add any time to your daily run but can help you improve your mobility and keep you injury free?

Coach Claire gives you some awesome suggestions in today's daily podcast

Mar 28, 2017

At what weekly mileage levels should you consider adding double runs to your training?

If you don't know why running twice a day would benefit you, Coach Claire gives you some of the science and helps you determine if they'd be right for you.

Mar 27, 2017

You have an important workout coming up, one that will gauge your readiness for the big race.

Or perhaps you have a long run distance you've never attempted in training and you're scared about your ability to do it.

How do you get over this fear or stress of a big workout. Running isn't any fun when you spend 3 days stressing about upcoming runs.

Coach Claire shares her experience and gives you some great tips!

Mar 24, 2017

Do you want to get faster, but not burden yourself with a structured training plan?

Many runners feel this way. Coach Jeff shows you how to approach these two seemingly conflicting goals and gives you some workouts to follow.




Mar 23, 2017

Many runners know that they should include down weeks in their training to ensure recovery and progression (and if you don't know, we explain why in this podcast).

That said, how much should you reduce your mileage by? What about long runs and workouts, should you reduce those too?

Coach Jeff gives you all the answers in today's daily episode.

Mar 22, 2017

Have you ever tossed in turned in bed the night before a big race? Each hour getting more and more stressed that your lack of sleep is going to ruin your performance?

I've been there, so I know your pain.

Luckily, I learned some critical tips and found some research that helped me get over this issue. Now, I never lose a wink of sleep the night before a big race.

I'll share these tips with you in today's daily podcast

Mar 21, 2017

Training for a warm weather race and currently running in a cold climate? Many runners face this issue when training in the Northeast or Midwest and attempt spring or destination races.

This can lead to disaster on race day as your body won't be acclimated to the heat.

Coach Jeff shares his best tips in this podcast for preparing your body to heat adapt, even when it's cold outside.

Mar 20, 2017

You may have heard of them, and maybe already use them for races, but do racing flats provide any advantage for recreational runners?

What about using them in training? Is that something that would help you?

Coach Jeff digs into the research to just how much racing flats improve performance, which type you should use, and whether or not you should also use them in training.

Mar 17, 2017

What is the best strategy for re-fueling after an early morning long run, especially if you're following the RunnersConnect steady/long run weekend training schedule?

Should you eat a small meal right after and then a bigger meal later? What about fueling in between the steady and long run?

Coach Michael answers all these questions for you to help you optimally recover after your long runs.

Mar 16, 2017

Do you suffer from lower back tightness, knee injuries or shin injuries? Then the issue could be caused from tight or weak glutes.

Coach Michael tells you how to overcome these issues to get back to pain free running

Mar 15, 2017

Have you heard that chocolate milk can be a good recovery drink? Coach Michael digs into the research to answer the question once and for all.

Mar 14, 2017

You've been down and out with a running injury and you've finally been able train again. How do you know when your body is ready to get back into speed work?

Coach Michael has the answers for you in this quick podcast.

Mar 13, 2017

Most training plans assign your training based on heart rate, effort, or specific paces. But, how do you adjust your training or account for living in a place with lots of hills?


Coach Michael gives you some excellent strategies to help you get the most of your workouts when running on hilly terrain.

Mar 10, 2017

Suffering from shin splints? Coach Danny gives some tips and tricks to help you recover from the injury and prevent it in the future.

Mar 9, 2017

If weather, life, or preference have you running on the treadmill, what can you do in your daily runs and workouts on the hamster wheel to ensure your fitness translates to race day on the roads.

Mar 8, 2017

It's a fact of life - we all get older. So, how does your age change how you should approach your training? Coach Danny delves into the details.

Mar 7, 2017

Elizabeth struggled with IT band issues after training on mostly flat terrain and then racing a hilly marathon. Coach Danny gives her some awesome advice on how to avoid this IT band pain during her next race.


Mar 6, 2017

Most runners think of training from race to race and forget you need to periodize your training to maximize progression. Coach Danny answers the question of how we set this up for athletes who like to train race to race.

Mar 3, 2017

Ever been in a really tough training block and you feel like you're hungry all the time, especially at night? It's not uncommon.

Coach Claire shares some of nutritional expertise to help you understand what's going on and how you can feel more satiated.

Mar 2, 2017

For most new runners, and even experienced runner, running slow on your easy days can actually be difficult. How do you keep yourself running slow when you know you need to?

Mar 1, 2017

How exactly do you breathe properly while running? It may seem like a simple question, but there is a right and wrong way to do it. Coach Claire shares how you should approach proper breathing and gives you some great tips and tricks.