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Aug 22, 2017

Seasoned runners often look down on walk breaks as a sign of defeat: you only stop when you're too tired to keep going.

But what if we told you walk breaks are not only okay but can actually result in better performances?

Sound too good to be true? Listen as Coach Hayley explains in today's daily podcast! 

Aug 21, 2017

While a nap may seem more inviting than a cool down after a tough session, your post-workout routine is more important than you may think. 

Listen in as Coach Hayley explains why cooling down is so vital and how to do it for the best results.

Aug 18, 2017

One of the more controversial topics in running is the importance of static stretching.

Coaches, experts, and runners disagree over the role flexibility plays in preventing injury and boosting performance.

So what's really the deal with stretching? Coach Claire reveals in today's daily podcast!

Aug 17, 2017

Are you a vegan training for your first marathon? Or perhaps a runner trying out veganism?

Check out today's podcast as Coach Claire (founder of The Planted Runner) shares some tips on how to fuel your training on a vegan diet!

Aug 16, 2017

Most runners have been there. After months of preparation, you step to the line ready to tackle those 26.2 miles….and then the stomach issues hit.

So what’s the deal? What can you do before and during the race to make sure you don’t suffer again?

Coach Claire gives her thoughts and advice in today’s daily podcast.

Aug 15, 2017

Losing or maintaining weight is usually a big priority for runners, but despite how it may seem, losing weight and training hard aren’t easy to do in conjunction.

That's where "carb cycling" can come in handy.

Listen in as Coach Claire helps you determine if carb cycling is right for you and how to implement it to reach both your running and weight loss goals. 

Aug 14, 2017

Running on the beach may seem like the best idea ever, but it can quickly put a halt to your training if you’re not careful.

Listen in as Coach Claire discusses some strategies to enjoy running at the beach without putting yourself at risk for injury!  

Aug 11, 2017

Maybe you're training all summer or you live in a warm climate different to the potentially cold conditions of a fall or winter race. 

How do you prepare yourself for a cold weather race when your training conditions are the total opposite?

Listen in as Coach Michael discusses how to adapt your training so the cold temperatures on race day don't affect your performance.

Aug 10, 2017

Every runner has individual training needs. Some runners excel when doing lots of mileage, while others do best when replacing some of those miles with cross training.

But how can you determine your optimal running "recipe"? And which cross training method is best for you as a runner?

Listen in as Coach Michael explains in today's podcast!

Aug 9, 2017

Most runners are somewhat familiar with the term "Yasso 800s" - a workout that supposedly predicts marathon finishing time from a session of 10 x 800 meters with equal time rest between each 800.

But is this truth or fiction?

Coach Michael reveals in today's daily podcast!


Aug 8, 2017

Have you ever thought about transitioning to minimalist shoes? Wondering what the benefits are?

Coach Michael helps you determine whether or not they're right for you in today's daily podcast. Listen here!

Aug 7, 2017

In today's episode, Coach Michael explains what "turnover" is and why it's important to 5kers and marathoners alike. Listen in here!

Aug 4, 2017

If you're training for a marathon, chances are you're doing some "double days" or days where you have both morning and afternoon training sessions.

With two runs a day, it's vital that you fuel properly between to ensure you're recovering and giving yourself sufficient energy through your second run.

But when and how much should you eat throughout the day to accomplish this? Coach Jeff explains in today's daily podcast!  

Aug 3, 2017

A common question, and one of the more difficult concepts of training to comprehend, is “how do easy runs help me race faster”.

Though it may sound sensational, you have to run slow to run fast. But how slow are we talking here? 

Listen in as Coach Jeff explains how easy your easy runs should be in today's podcast! 

Aug 2, 2017

Though nothing can replace running perfectly, cross training can keep your cardiovascular fitness up when injury strikes. 

But with so many cross training options, you might wonder which one is best for you and your injury.

Listen in as Coach Jeff explains how to pick a cross training method that will help you recover while maintaining fitness!

Aug 1, 2017

It's no secret foam rolling helps to expedite recovery and prevent injury, but when is it best to roll out for maximum benefits? Before or after you run?

Coach Jeff explains in today's daily podcast!

Jul 31, 2017


You've got less than 24 hours until your marathon, and the hay is in the barn.

Now what?

Listen in as Coach Jeff explains what you should do the day before your big race for optimal performance! 

Jul 28, 2017

When most people are hitting their snooze buttons, runners are usually up getting in their training sessions before work.

While the morning is a great time to get in some quality work, fueling before you head out the door is important after a night of fasting. 

But what and how much should you eat for each type of training session - especially when you're short on time?

Coach Sinead breaks it down in today's daily podcast!

Jul 27, 2017

Hydration is vital to performance and overall health, but you already knew that.

So what's the deal with electrolytes?

Listen in as Coach Sinead explains what they are and how to keep your levels up while avoiding all the unnecessary additives and sweeteners of sports drinks.

Jul 26, 2017

One of the most confusing terms in the distance running lexicon is "junk miles". 

While the phrase clearly has some negative connotations, there's a lot of confusion as to what it actually means.

Listen in as Coach Sinead explains what junk miles are and why you avoid them for optimal performance and health!

Jul 25, 2017

Do you ever get to the final straightaway of a race and feel as though the clock speeds up with each step you take to reach the line?

If you wish you had a little more finishing speed (let's face it - most of us do), strides could be your answer.

Listen in as Coach Sinead discusses the benefits of strides as well as when and how to do them for the best results. 

Jul 24, 2017

Strength training is not only a great way to improve your running, but it can also help correct muscle weaknesses and prevent injury.

But when should you do strength training so that it helps your running and doesn't detract from it?

Listen in as Coach Sinead explains in today's daily podcast!

Jul 21, 2017

At RunnersConnect, we understand you're busy and you sometimes have to adjust training around other obligations.

That's why in today's daily podcast Coach Hayley will explain how best to split up a long run when life gets too busy to do it all at once. Listen in!

Jul 20, 2017

A lot of runners take vacations, run races at altitude, or visit family and friends at cities and towns located at substantial elevations above sea level.

If you are planning out your next trip to altitude, and wondering about how it is going to affect your running, you are in the right place.

Listen in as Coach Hayley explains how to adjust your training for elevation in today's daily podcast!

Jul 19, 2017

In today's daily podcast, Coach Hayley discusses how to reference heart rate zones to pace yourself to a new PR in your next half marathon or marathon. Listen in!

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