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Welcome to the RunnersConnect Extra Kick Podcast, where our expert coaching staff answers your running questions 5 days per week.

Get actionable lessons in our bite-sized podcast while you run, when you’re at the gym, and on your commute

Sep 30, 2020

In today's episode, Coach Claire discusses a few ways to avoid getting sick in the first place and what to do with your running schedule if you do feel under the weather. Listen now!

Sep 29, 2020

What are the pros and cons of social media for runners? When social media can help you and when it can hurt your running? Coach Hayley discusses in today's podcast.

Sep 28, 2020

In this podcast, Coach Claire talks about three types of workouts - steady state runs, tempo runs and VO2 max workouts, and what each workout should feel like. Listen now to find out the training benefits of each run and how to feel the proper pace and effort in training. 

Sep 25, 2020

In this episode, Coach Michael highlights some of the awesome performances achieved recently by Team RC and then talks about whether it is safe to run during the current US West Coast wildfires. Listen now!

Sep 24, 2020

Taking antibiotics? Do you need to slow down on your training routine and for how long? How should you adjust your training while on antibiotics? Coach Dylan and Coach Ruairi explain in today's episode.