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Welcome to the RunnersConnect Extra Kick Podcast, where our expert coaching staff answers your running questions 5 days per week.

Get actionable lessons in our bite-sized podcast while you run, when you’re at the gym, and on your commute

Jan 29, 2021

On today's Extra Kick, Coach Dylan explains how to adjust workouts for icy conditions and treadmill running.

Jan 28, 2021

Today's tip of the day is low carb and running. Is a low-carb diet best for runners? What are its advantages and disadvantages? Tune in to find out!

Jan 27, 2021

In today's podcast, Coach Hayley talks about a few lessons that we can take away from the world's top runners and how these athletes approach training. Tune in now!

Jan 26, 2021

How is glycogen created? How your body uses glycogen stores and burns fuel to create energy for your run? Coach Claire explains in today's extrakick podcast episode.

Jan 25, 2021

What are the benefits of doing moderate workouts? How to include moderate training days into your training schedule? Coach Hayley explains in today's Extrakick podcast episode.